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Post by Annabelle on Wed 16 Jul 2008, 6:44 pm

A couple of days ago, I went to the cinema hoping to have a calm Movie Night with friends and siblings... We all decided to go and watch a spanish movie called..REC... We heard it was a good thriller and decided to give it a go... After the movie we were all shaking of fear...not to mention what was going on IN the Movie Room. And so here's the thing...This movie used some elements that are the key to a proper thriller called "Amateur camera" (like you are the camera-man of a channel filming every detail) and of course the sound and the feeling of "I don't know where I will be striked from" and sure those things made me stress and jump off my seat in desperation and even choke with a mini candy. I could say I have NEVER watched a thriller equal to Exorcist (which didn't let me sleep for like 3-4 days) but after watching REC I think thrillers are not dead yet... It's almost equal if not better and many people support it's even the "Thriller of the millenium"... I will keep you a bit impatient by strongly suggesting you to watch it but also by telling you not to watch it alone....(Also keep it away from people with heart jokes) Only thing I can do is give you a little taste of what you are going to see...

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