Pics of pets!

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Pics of pets! Empty Pics of pets!

Post by Guest on Tue 24 Jul 2007, 4:47 am

I thought id start a thread on pets, since i love my boys so much.

So some pics of my boys!

Pics of pets! DSC00161
This is my wee cutie Baby. Hard to believe he was 80g when I took him home. He will be one next month.

Pics of pets! DSC00158
Finally a nice photo of my wee shy boy, JD. Hes one next month.

Pics of pets! DSC00136
Pepsi snorting at people through the bars, still a bit snappy, he did his first boggle for me yesterday while lying on my lap. Razz He is now a year and 3 months.

Pics of pets! DSC00173
Kelso has really come out of his shell, and has become a real sooky lad. He is now 1 year and 5 months.

Pics of pets! DSC00171
Cloud has become a real chunky little man, with loads of attitude. He adores his brother Pepsi.He is 1 year 3 months.

Pics of pets! DSC00168
Dippy is our escape artist. Many times we'v found him wandering around the flat. Surprised Laughing He loves boxing his brother JD. He will be 1 next month. Very Happy

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Pics of pets! Empty Re: Pics of pets!

Post by Melinda on Tue 24 Jul 2007, 5:46 am

i love rats! had one when i lived at home with my parents called gabbie but she died a few years ago now she was about 3

error wont let me have another one since he doesnt like them

we dont have any pets at the moment (unless you can count error) we had a border collie called trinnie but she was stolen the sat before christmas from the garden

we have a part time cat called sam who belongs to our next door neighbour, sue
sue works alot so same come to spend time with us and neo loves her to bits shes a huge black and hite moggie

i'll take a pic when she comes in next

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