Guild Wars

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Re: Guild Wars

Post by Melinda on Fri 04 Jul 2008, 7:58 am

lol i have a dance mat for the xbox Mikey bought it for me to have fun exercising while i was stuck in the house

it is fun and a great calorie burner if you can find the energy to do the fast songs lol

i have high score but i got it when i got tired and sat down and used the controller lol

its a great weekend to try guild wars as its the dragon festival so theres games to play and prizes to be won this weekend

snort your a bad as my mam!

took me months to convince her to have a game of bouncer with me when the ps2 first came out and then she beat me by standing in the corner and hitting the same button over and over again!

(which is considered cheating by most gamers lol)

id love to play metal gear 4 it looks really good but i haven't got any of the consoles its on lol
we got xbox, pc, ds, psp, ps2, gamecube, saturn and a few more retro consoles but i cant remember what ones

haven't bothered with the 360 as they get red ring of death a few months after you buy them and cant afford the ps3 at the mo

and you cant get a wii around here for love or money even if i had the 100 at the mo with inflation and the gov taking all out money in taxes lol

I'll get them one day Smile


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Re: Guild Wars

Post by Mister Nice on Wed 09 Jul 2008, 7:17 pm

there is a metal gear game for the psp called "metal gear solid: portable ops" that is pretty good. it's my second favorite psp game after patapon.

i just can't get myself to play guild wars because i am afraid i'd like it too much, and that'd be the end of my free time. but the dragon festival sounds like fun.
Mister Nice

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