We Are Back!!!! 27/3/08

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We Are Back!!!! 27/3/08 Empty We Are Back!!!! 27/3/08

Post by Melinda on Wed 26 Mar 2008, 5:06 pm

ok I've been working on this all day and quite frankly I'm stressing lol

this upgrade will allow the forum to work a lot smoother as well as allow us the use of a few nice new features
and maybe some other nice tidbits if i can hack em in (i hate lots of coding lol)

Oh and the chatbox is still there (not like any one used it lol) but now if you go to the bottom of the index (under statistics) the link to the chatbox is there ok?
(and no i cant move it!......well maybe if your really nice to me and I'm in a good mood lol)
We have a new mood bar that can be altered from the information tab in your profiles
we also have a new news portal that's accessed from the navi bar running along under the main banner
We have a media player on the portal now (see GD for discussion)
I'm also working on a role playing/dice game but its alot of work and may take some time to work it out

now about the skin!

this is a quick skin that i made by hacking up a couple of templates its not perfect and can be changed (its just we couldn't use our old skin after the upgrade)
although if you like it we can keep it lol (less work for me lol)
so the forum is far from finished!

if there's anything you'd like to see please leave a suggestion in the suggestion section and I'll do my best ok?

it would be cool if we could get a discussion going and throw some ideas about but we'll see what happens

and I'll start a poll in the GD section ok?

well have fun and don't be afraid to pm me Very Happy

We Are Back!!!! 27/3/08 Final-animeforumsMelinda

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